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How can I purchase a subscription?

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Can I customize my careMe box?

Absolutely, we are the number 1 customized dog subscription box, which means we pack each box based on you and your dog’s preference, anything from the receiving date to the number of products inside the box can be customized!

What comes in a CareMe Box?

At CareMe we offer Treats, toys, and accessories, and you can choose the quantity of each item!

When will I receive the box?

Your first box will be delivered 7 days after purchase, and for the following boxes, you can choose the arriving date!

Can I subscribe to a quarterly box instead of monthly?


Do you have an allergy-friendly CareMe?

Yes! We offer allergy-friendly treats, made without beef, chicken, and turkey (the most common allergies among dogs) If your furry friend has an allergy that is not included in the customization form contact us at box@careme.ca

Are there different sizes?

We make everything in three size categories: small (for dogs under 20 pounds); medium (dogs 20 to 50 pounds); and large (dogs over 50 pounds). If you’re on the fence, we suggest sizing up.

Where are the treats made?

At CareMe we only work with top brands in US and Canada to make sure your furry friend receives the BEST

Can I cancel or pause the subscription box anytime?

Absolutely. You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time by sending an email to box@careme.ca or fill the cancel or pause form, our Support Team will take care of this for you!

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Client Review

Can’t wait for auntie to spoil her furry niece and nephew! Everything was as described and packaged perfectly.

— Genevieve Romard

“This box was incredible! I bought it for a friend’s puppy and he loved every item! He has been playing with the toys every day and loves all of the different treats inside as well!”

— Olivia

My pup loves this box so far, will be purchasing again sometime!

— Ryan Lanigan

— Melissa L.

My partner’s dog loved it! Arrived quickly, and was well packed! Thanks again!

— Sanga

The products in the box are high quality and perfect for the preferences we listed for our dog. And customer service even reached out to make sure everything arrived safely and to our liking.

— Marissa

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