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Welcome to CareMe!
This Privacy Policy explains how we collect, use, and protect your information when you access and use our platforms.

Information Collection:
When you register as a client, we collect your truthful contact information and, in some cases, additional details such as credit card information and information about your dog.
You’re responsible for safeguarding your login credentials and notifying us immediately if you suspect unauthorized use.

Monthly Delivery:
As a subscriber, we’ll send you a monthly package with different dog-related products. The product selection may change each month.

Billing and Payments:
Some services are offered for free or for a fee. We may change our fee structure but not for current subscriptions.
You agree to pay for services, subscriptions, and products, including taxes.
Payments are made before delivery.

Subscription Renewals:
Subscriptions renew automatically each month.
Longer plans (e.g., Seasonal or monthly) also renew monthly during the subscription period.
Cancellation must be done by the first day of the following month or through our website.

We charge your payment method for services, subscriptions, and products, as well as any related fees and taxes.
You’re responsible for timely payments and keeping your payment method up to date.

Shipping and Risk:
Shipping fees are usually included with your order.
Shipping dates and arrival times are estimates.
If you believe your order is missing or damaged, notify us within 30 days.

Order and Subscription Cancellations:
You can cancel your membership through your account page or by contacting us.
For more information contact us at box@careme.ca