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Sometimes it’s good to spoil your best friend!

CareMe Box is a dog subscription/ gift box. We send you a box of toys, treats, and accessories, customized for your dog. With each purchase donate to homeless dogs in developing countries.
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How CareMe Box Works?

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Subscribe to one of our plans and Choose how many products you want to include in the box (the price depends on the number of products chosen.


Your first box ships immediately, You Can choose the arriving date and the frequency for the following boxes

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Enjoy a fully customized box filled with healthy treats, fun toys, and accessories (Cancel anytime without paying extra)


VOILA, you are now saving more than $300 a year on your dog’s essentials while helping homeless animals in developing countries.


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How CareMe Box Started

My name is Sepehr. I am 14-years old. I have always wanted to help unhappy dogs! in developing countries. As we all know, there are so many hungry, sad dogs in the world in need of care and food. This summer I finally decided to do something about it. I was thinking that if I had an income, I would be able to help dogs. So, with the help of my dad and a professional dog trainer, I built up a simple website, on which there are so many amazing packages for your lovely dogs and cats. Each package is full of healthy treats, cute toys, and useful accessories tailored for your dog.  I have decided that a large percentage of my profit goes to dogs who are in need of food and care.

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