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How CareMe Box Started

My name is Sepehr. I am 16-years old. I have always wanted to help unhappy dogs! in developing countries. As we all know, there are so many hungry, sad dogs in the world in need of care and food. This summer I finally decided to do something about it. I was thinking that if I had an income, I would be able to help dogs. So, with the help of my dad and a professional dog trainer, I built up a simple website, on which there are so many amazing packages for your lovely dogs and cats. Each package is full of healthy treats, cute toys, and useful accessories tailored for your dog.  I have decided that a large percentage of my profit goes to dogs who are in need of food and care.

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Metro Vancouver teen puts love of dogs to work with startup business

Sepehr (Nili) Nilizadeh has always loved dogs.
Even though he’s never had a canine companion to call his own, the Coquitlam-based teen admits he has long had a soft spot for the particular type of furry friends.
After immigrating to Canada in 2017 with his parents and younger sister, Nili knew he wanted to find a way to give back to the dogs of Iran. In January 2021, the Pinetree Secondary Grade 10 student started Careme, a subscription box service that offers treats and toys for dogs.
“There are so many dogs there that need help. I wanted to do something about it,” Nili says for the motivation behind the startup. “And finally, a year ago, I came across this thing called dog subscription boxes. And it sounded like a really good opportunity to start a business and donate a percentage of its profits to homeless animals in developing countries.”
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